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Make an end to your commercial shortage and earmark that money rather for increase in success of your business operations!

  • Do you spend a lot of your time and money to detect shortages? Have you ever made a calculation about how much money you spend on inventory shortage? Would you like to make a step further and ensure yourself better transparency over all your commercial operations?

  • Are the differences between the received and shipped goods in inventories large? Does this cost you a lot of your time and money?

No inventory shortages!

We at AGM offer the companies top technical security, which is a verified solution to determine the commercial shortages. By the help of our solutions in the field of technical security (e.g. video surveillance) you will be able to find the causes for your commercial shortages a lot faster and easier (e.g. theft, improper operations, faults in acceptance of goods...).

What will you ensure in this way?

  • less thefts
  • increased sense of security
  • transparency over your operations (shipment and acceptance of goods)
  • faster and easier detection of conflicts (thefts...)
  • In cases of detecting thefts or other irregularities, you will have evidence for further solving (inappropriate visitors, solving of conflicts, thefts...).

Improve success of commercial operations

  • Would you like to ensure an efficient system of monitoring the frequency of visits in your store (by hours, days, months...)?

  • Are you interested in the shopping habits of your customers (e.g. average time of shopping)?

  • Do you have problems arranging the shop assistants? Does it happen that in a certain moment there are too many employees, and in some other there are not enough of them with reference to the customers?

  • Do your campaigns always bring the desired results? Are you looking for an efficient way that would help you in this?

AGM has the answers by which you will substantially improve your business operations and achieve the desired results!

We at AGM offer you a proven efficient system, by which you will:

1. Ensure data regarding the frequency of the visits, what will help you to organize your employees more easily. In this way you will take care of the optimum use of your resources.

2. We will ensure very important information regarding the shopping habits of your customers that will help you in preparing your actions/campaigns. By analysing them, you will make your actions/campaigns more successful.

3. Ensure the surveillance over the proper use of the working time of your employees.

4. Ensure the possibility of business analysis under various parameters.

Your cooperation with us will save you a lot of time, costs and help you achieve the goals of your campaign/action.

AGM a smart investment for all the owners of stores!

Better security of the employees and all the visitors.

  • Do you appreciate your employees and visitors and wish to ensure their maximal security on your premises?

  • Is the sense of security and well-being of the people in your store important to you?

  • Are your premises well taken care of in cases of emergencies (fire, floods...)?

Security and well-being

We at AGM have lots of experience and knowledge to ensure top security solutions for the stores. By our solutions we help the stores to ensure the maximum security, well-being, and consequently raise their reputation to a higher level and avoid unnecessary incidents.

Do you find it important in solutions regarding technical security to collaborate only with one partner that ensures an overall solution at one place?

We at AGM take care of the integrated operation of all systems (video surveillance, access control, burglary and fire alarm systems) that ensure our clients optimal operations and contribute to higher efficiency and functionality. In this way you cooperate with a partner that guarantees everything at one place and in case of possible difficulties we know who is responsible for their solving, without shifting the responsibility from one executor to another and without unnecessary waste of time.

For whom is our technical security a perfect solution?

We at AGM have enough experience and knowledge to be the right partner for you and your major projects, where a high level of expertise, competence, reliability, and flexibility is required, as well as for your smaller trading systems that wish to make a step forward to improve their operations and ensure the maximum security.

Don't hesitate to contact us for more information!
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