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1/3 of the companies that are caught unprepared by fire go bankrupt within a year

Were you aware of the fact that 1/3 of the companies that are caught unprepared against the fire, go bankrupt in a very short time (a period of one year). Do not be one of them!

  • Do you wish to maximally protect your property?

  • Would you like to ensure the maximal protection against major damages (fire, floods...)?

  • Is the sense of safety important to you in your operations?

  • Did you know that by introducing an efficient surveillance in your company you raise arrangement, surveillance and productivity of operations?

Trust a reliable partner, who will know how to make you feel secure AGM!

If the sense of security is important in your operations and you wish to avoid unnecessary complications then you are at the right place. Based on the 10-year experience and high level of knowledge, we, at AGM, help you to ensure security at the highest level and leave nothing to the chance.

Owners of industrial buildings: ensure yourselves a restful sleep and make sure your precious property is in hands of a reliable partner!

Advantages of cooperating with us

Perfect ratio between the quality and price

From the very beginning, we in AGM have been trying to ensure our customers to get as much as possible for the money they pay. Therefore, we are the right solution for all that seek quality solutions in proportion to the price.

AGM where demanding customers get most of what they pay!


By changing dynamics and scope of your business, ensuring of the maximum security has to change as well. For this purpose, we at AGM put a special emphasis on the flexible solutions that are simply adjusted to your current needs. Our systems are very open and allow simple upgrading.

In this way, you will take care of efficient security system, which is adapted to your current needs and consequently save time and reduce your costs.

Development partnership

In the company AGM we continuously invest in training, education, and following of the new trends in the field of technical security and we transfer this knowledge to our customers. In this way, our customers also gain a development partner, who makes them aware of all important innovations in the field of technical security that ensures the maximum security of the property.

AGM the right address also for the major projects!

We at AGM have enough knowledge and experience for the major projects, where a high level of expertise, reliability and flexibility is required.

Industrial buildings, where AGM successfully takes care of the top technical security

  • Iskra Avtoelektrika
  • Gostol Gopan
  • Martex
  • Intra Lighting
  • Elektro Primorska
  • Many banks

Don't hesitate to contact us for more information!
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Would you like to be informed about the innovations from the field of security a few times a year?

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