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Prevent unauthorized access by an efficient anti-burglary security

Which are the problems that you most often encounter in the field of anti-burglary security?

  • Burglaries, breaking-in illegal and violent access to the people, possessions, and information with the purpose of alienation.

  • Unauthorized access out of office hours no surveillance over possessions.

  • Issues regarding surveillance of places in case of a longer absence (illness, leave).

  • What is ensured by cooperating with us?

    Efficient surveillance

    By setting an anti-burglary system you will gain an efficient surveillance over the area during your absence.

    Adjustable system of surveillance

    The system can be programmed so that it enables a partial engagement and allows your presence in the security area and reacts only to the burglary attempts from outside.

    Informing about the current developments

    The system informs you about the current developments by pre-programmed voice mails and short messages through ATP or GSM interfaces. At the same time it sends coded messages about the system developments to the security centre and in case of an alarm physical intervention of security staff, if you have an agreement with them on such service.

    Overall solution

    The system can, in addition to the security against the burglars with appropriate peripheral elements detect various events in the surrounding; e.g. water spillage, overheating, gas leakage ...


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