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Ensure yourself an overall solution for the fire alarm system

Which are the problems that you most often encounter with in the field of fire alarm systems?

  • Fire protection of buildings – a requirement resulting either from hazards of the line of business (e.g. wood industry) or due to the presence of a larger number of people (public institutions, schools, hospitals, old people's homes, homes for single people...), especially with the people that cannot help themselves.

  • Fire protection of the means of transport and roads (e.g. tunnels).

  • The issues related to the safety of people, property and equipment (e.g. sprinklers or powder cannot be used to put down a data centre, halogen free cables prevent release of toxic gases that kill people and destroy computer equipment ...).

  • Safety management – creation of appropriate methods and techniques.

  • Lack of concurrent comprehensive data and harmonious system operation and actions of people in case of a fire.
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    What is ensured by cooperating with us?

    We will make for you such fire-alarm systems that

  • will detect the fire outbreak soon enough and warn the people to retreat,
  • concurrently control liberalization of the escape routes,
  • call the fire fighters,
  • release the fire-extinguishing system,
  • control the air valve...
  • We provide integration of safety, evacuation and rescue systems.



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