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Let your school be a synonym for safe and pleasant environment without violence and criminal actions!

  • Violence and criminality in schools keep growing. What to do?

  • Are you dealing with a larger number of people in a smaller area and consequently a crowd that is difficult to control? We have all seen uncontrolled crowds leading to fatal results too many times, therefore avoid such drastic consequences!

  • How to protect the expensive equipment in schools, upon which damage is often deliberately inflicted (vandalism)?

  • Do you wish to provide the maximum security also for your outside areas (parking and buildings)?

Let your school be known for the maximum security without violence and criminal actions

If you wish to prevent the increasing violence and criminal actions in your schools, then the first thing you need is an overall technical security.

We, at AGM, provide an integrated operation of all systems (video surveillance, access control, anti-burglary and fire alarm systems), which will help you prevent the violence and criminal actions in your schools and consequently help you raise the reputation of your school.

Avoid the drastic consequences of crowds that can be fatal

Everywhere a greater number of people is involved, crowds and throngs occur, which lead to increasing impatience, intolerance, and uncontrolled behaviours that can be fatal. Therefore it is very important that you provide the technical security which will help you to control such situations and be prepared.

In this way you will avoid the consequences of the crowds, which have already been fatal for many, and keep away from the unnecessary complications.

Protect your equipment from vandalism

Do you also have to deal with vandalism, which costs you a lot of money? Would you like to make an end to it?

The company AGM will help you protect your equipment by overall solutions in the field of technical security, which will see to the maximal control and protection of your equipment. In this way, you will maximally protect your equipment and find out the ones who committed the vandalism. As a result, your equipment will be protected from vandalism and you will save time and money as there will be no need of buying new equipment.

Do actions that ruin reputation and endanger pupils happen also in your school yard?

Under the wing of your school there is also the school's surrounding (school yard, parking...) and it is usually right here that the majority of offences take place (unwelcome visitors, blackmailing, fights...). Therefore it is very important to take care of the maximum security also outside. This is where AGM can help you with overall solutions in the field of technical security, which will help you achieve the maximum security of your school yard and surrounding.

Schools and facilities where AGM successfully takes care of the top technical security

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