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AGM Nova Gorica d.o.o.
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Casino owners, enhance your success and reputation!

  • Would you like to ensure a reliable video surveillance for your casino?

  • Do you find it important to use video surveillance that ensures uninterrupted operations?

  • Are you aware of the consequences resulting from a failure of your video surveillance (drop in revenues, scepticism of the visitors...)?

  • Would you like to detect the visitors with bad intention fast? Do you wish to minimize the possibility of abuse?

  • Do the stressful and conflict situations in your casinos keep recurring? Would you like to solve them quickly and successfully?

With a more reliable and successful video surveillance to a higher trust of the visitors and money saving.

If you wish to ensure a reliable video surveillance for your casino, you are at the right place. AGM has over 10-year experience in solving demanding problems in the field of video surveillance in casinos. We are present in the majority of the projects in Slovenia and in the territory of ex-Yugoslavia. In all this time we have gained expertise and lots of knowledge from the field complex gaming operations, by which we can ensure our clients the most suitable video surveillance for their casinos.

What does a successful and efficient video surveillance bring for your casinos?

1. Smooth operations

You will avoid the consequences of unreliable video surveillance (system and other failures, interrupted operations...) by which you will increase your reputation and save costs resulting from the interrupted operations.

2. Reduced possibilities of abuses

In every casino there are people with bad intentions (abuse) due to the great flow of money. Therefore it is important to have such video surveillance that enables fast detection of such guests. In this way you will substantially reduce the possibilities of abuse and save your money.

3. Fast and successful solving of conflict /stressful situations

In the casinos, when conflict / stressful situations appear, it is very important to solve them successfully and as soon as possible because of the tense atmosphere. With a reliable video surveillance you will be able to solve the problems fast, as you will be able to analyze the situation and solve it successfully / justly. In this way you will increase the customer satisfaction and raise reputation of your casino.

Do you find it important in solutions regarding video surveillance to collaborate only with one partner that ensures an overall solution at one place?

We, at AGM take care of integrated operation of all systems (video surveillance, access control, burglary alarm and fire protection systems) that ensure our clients optimal operations and contribute to higher efficiency and functionality. In this way we ensure you will cooperate with a partner that guarantees everything in one place. If problems occur, we know who is responsible to solve them and so we do not spend time devolving responsibility on somebody else.

AGM – the right address also for major projects!

We, in AGM, have enough experience and expertise also for major projects. We are the right partner, as we offer a high level of expertise, reliability and flexibility.

Which casinos rely on our video surveillance?

  • Perla
  • Park
  • Maestral
  • Kolosej
  • Aurora
  • Korona
  • Drive In

Casino Portorož
  • Casino Lipica
  • Slot club casino Žusterna
  • Casino Lido Čatež
  • Casino Jolly
  • Casino Venko
  • Casino Paquito
  • Casino Safir

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